Friday, 25 March 2011

100 up!

Edit: I have just heard that our out-going Director of Conservation, Dr Mark Avery, had a Blackcap at The Lodge yesterday (24th) so....

A Wheatear on the grassland to the south of the reserve at lunchtime today was a delight to behold and brings up the 100. Not quite the calibre of LEO and other recent BTO ticks, but it now feels as if migration is finally under way.

BTO 99 - RSPB 100 (STA)

Also one of these, but they're common now. ;-)

Photograph courtesy of Katie Fuller


  1. Only 80 BirdTracked by The Lodgers though ;)

  2. I think you'l find, Nick dear boy, that I have BirdTracked 86 species on my personal account, PLUS more on behalf of other observers through the Bird Club account that I haven't seen: Osprey, Merlin, Woodlark, Curlew, Grey Wagtail, Pink-footed Goose etc etc. The site name may not be down as The Lodge, but the record will be on BirdTrack, I can assure you! I'm obsessive about these things!

  3. Sorry that'll be my ropey SQL Darren! I'm very relieved, of course - I didn't want to see you losing on a technicality! ;)

  4. ps Ropey SQL and the fact that I was trying to find some way of knocking off a species or two after the crushing blow of being beaten to the century!

    pps "our out-going Director of Conservation, Dr Mark Avery" - you're sure he hasn't already gone, right?!