Monday, 14 March 2011

New additions

Various word of mouth reports from Lodge staff has given us the following new additions:

07 Mar: Curlew and Sand Martin
08 Mar: Reed Bunting
10 Mar: Grey Wagtail

So as we move into the period of frantic and frenetic ticking, the scores are finely poised. The Lodge total moves to 92. 


  1. We should've had a rule about saving up easy ticks - fancy waiting 66 days to get Reed Bunting! Still, our powder's dry on the Sand Martin front... and apart from Chiffchaff, I can't see too many easy catch-ups left for The Lodgers ;)

  2. Ah, but Nick, we get one or two Curlew records a year and we don't have any suitable Reed Bunting habitat to speak of. Although Grey Wagtail has overwintered here in previous years, it didn't this year - so there are mitigating circumstances!

    Anyway, how come you haven't got Raven yet? I had four at lunchtime! I'm really looking forward to BirdTracking that one...sorry, I mean four. ;-)