Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Challenge for Captain Marvel

How many Little Ringed Plovers?



  1. Just seen this!

    Why do you think the scientific name is Charadrius dubious? ;-)

    This one might have to be scrubbed - you can't tick stuff by triangulating the position of the LRP with the Med Gulls and the island whilst you were at DWE, then rushing back to the plateau at The Lodge so it gets on the list.

    So, you ''couldn't see a wingbar?''The Hubble couldn't confirm absence of a discernible wingbar at that range!

    The jury is out Mr B...but it only gets scrubbed if we beat them by two come December 31st. ;-)

  2. Your guess is as good as mine Nick...

    I've already voluntarily ceded ground on the Woodlark, but I'm not questioning the judgement of our esteemed County Recorder on this one!

  3. The answer was 0 ;)

    (l-r Kentish, Lesser Sand, Long-billed and Semi-palmated Plover - I was obviously feeling mean!)