Monday, 21 March 2011

Another ticker

A cracking (not literally, though it was 'tick'-ing and squeaking) Hawfinch slap-bang in the middle of the reserve this lunchtime - my first on as opposed to from - reminded me that it isn't just about the numbers!

That said, a spring migrant of some sort would've seemed a fair return for the efforts of the 4(+) of us who birded the reserve today. Still, when The Lodgers go ahead with Chiffchaff (what are you waiting for?! There were several around the Nunnery Lakes today!), at least we can fall back on Sand Martin.
Edit: Andy Schofield got Chiffchaff from inside The Lodge during a meeting this afternoon! Bad news travels fast ;)

Yesterday's highlights were a Woodcock and a/the Hawfinch for Mike Toms and Dave Leech, another Peregrine sighting, and a tick in the form of Orange Underwing.


  1. Nick - whaddya mean ''it's not just about the numbers''? This is EVERYTHING about the numbers! First is first and last is nowhere! ;-)

    No Chiffchaffs on the reserve, to my knowledge!

  2. If there is, nobody has told me about it! Steve and I have covered a fair proportion of the reserve between us today. Maybe tomorrow...