Thursday, 17 March 2011

Funny thing, this patch-listing lark!

Earlier today I swapped emails with Darren about some of the species each side was holding over the other. High on the list of easy grip-backs for The Lodgers was Shoveler (I didn't even bother asking Darren about this one as I assumed they'd appear on DWEPs at some point). Somewhere well below the likes of Sand Martin and even Green Sandpiper on our 'likely grip-back' list lay Redshank - as I said to Darren, we don't do well for waders...

...2 hours later I was wandering round the Lakes with Andy, only for a Redshank to fly right in front of us, plumb over the middle of the Lakes! Not only a potentially tricky grip-back nailed, but a Lakes tick for me! Don't recall ever previously celebrating a Redshank with air-punches and cries of 'Get in'!

96 and counting; first to 100, anyone? :D

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