Wednesday, 23 March 2011

No such worries

It's all well and good seeing or hearing possibles, but there is no doubting the identification of the drake Pintail on one of the Lakes this morning, looking very wary and fully winged to boot! That puts the scores back level (albeit temporarily I'm sure) on 97........


  1. Great going, Neil - I've only seen one once (a quick check of my BirdTrack records revealing that my 1 sighting is out of a total of 9392 records from 305 dates since July 2009 - ie Pintail was far from guaranteed)!

  2. Not exactly an identification headache or a skulker is it? ;-)

    I'm pretty sure that Pintail will not make it on to The Lodge year list...

  3. Well done Mr Calbrade - that puts me on 149 for the Nunnery!