Saturday, 29 January 2011

Close but no cigar

Never mind about no photo Andy - will this do for now?

Not actually on the reserve but the adjacent Barnham Cross Common (though had I been on the reserve, I'd have seen all three from there!). I can live without HF on my personal Lakes yearlist for now though, safe in the knowledge that Andy has already done the honours, and that the Lodgers will be gripped ;-)

Actually it has been a day of close-but-no-cigars:

Closest Hawfinch to the Nunnery boundary: 43m
Closest Waxwing to the Nunnery boundary: 1.3km
Closest Hen Harrier to the Nunnery boundary: 7.8km
Closest Rough-legged Buzzard to the Nunnery boundary: 8.0km (for once I didn't care!)

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