Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bitterns: A bit like buses

Neither of these are Bitterns, before anyone says anything. Nor are they particularly remarkable in Nunnery Lakes list terms (both OTL on Day 1) but you can't fault the male Goosander for effort. And whilst failing to get a half-decent shot of it this morning, I had my third Bittern sighting in a week, having been on the lookout for one on the reserve for 18 months! Like I said, a bit like buses...

Anyway enough of all that; the sharp-eyed comment-readers amongst you will be wondering what Chris Gregory added to the list today that could possibly top-trump Darren's Peregrine (which, incidentally, got my day off to a bad start when I opened the BirdTrack Obs Warnings system only to find the record mocking me from the top of the list!). Chris's monster contribution whilst he was working on the reserve this morning was a Goshawk hunting Woodpigeons. That's the first addition since last Wednesday and takes the total to 84, maintaining the BTO's cool 20-species lead ;-)

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