Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mandarin OTL

Mandarin Duck On The List as of yesterday morning; note its wary, just-arrived-from-Manchuria posture. It is a good job this competition isn't about photograph quality though! Chiffchaff was today's addition; it looked pretty drab but unfortunately I couldn't turn it into tristis even with the help of Chiff-guru Greg Conway.

That takes the all-important scores on the doors to 82 (bird) species. We're well short of the kind of quality our oppos have achieved... fortunately there are no bonus points for rarities!


  1. Any chance that any blog posts could have write which team they are from when a post is put up? Kinda tricky to figure out who's RSPB and who is BTO!

  2. Fair point Tim. I think most of the previous posts had a clue somewhere in the text but this one requires a bit more detective work. I did add a 'bto' label which I will try to remember to do whenever I post.
    For the record, the current contributors who are BTO staff are Nick Moran, Andy Musgrove and Mike Toms.
    Some of the other 'key BTO players' can be found in the list (top right of page).

  3. And you can see what we look like (well sort of) here: http://btovrspbbirdtrackchallenge2011.blogspot.com/2010/12/contenders-ready.html