Thursday, 27 January 2011

Behind you...

Bash and I did Stratford Road and the gravel pits from the southern perimeter of the reserve again this lunchtime - to good effect. 

First, we connected with the lone Barnacle Goose that has been with the Greylag throng in the Ivel Valley for the last few years. This bird originates from the Willington/ Roxton flock, so is Cat. C and thus tickable. Then a Collared Dove in a garden tree (another Lodge mega) was unblocked. Flushed with success, Richard scoped the only viewable part of Warren Villas and would you believe it? The only bird was a Shelduck! 

Finally, on our walk back to the office, a Kingfisher was calling from the tiny stream that runs off of the Ivel - another decent bird. We then found a tiny wader on Derek White's Eggs Pits, but at a mile range, couldn't decide whether it was a Western Sand or a Semi-p...

Another four tick day. The list moves to 79.

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