Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Redshank #2

Easy to gloss over things that are already on the list but the Redshank that Richard Thewlis found on the flood this lunchtime was only the second in 2011 (and was only my second ever at The Lakes - and my first 'on the deck' - when I wandered down to have a look this evening). Oystercatcher numbers are now up to 6 adults with (at least) 2 chicks, and Egyptian Geese are now into double figures, the latter likely to increase as birds that have (presumably) bred on surrounding farmland congregate here post-breeding.

As for our TEAL figure, it wouldn't be right to unveil where we've got to without one of our all-taxa leaders, Andy Musgrove, who is currently AWL (like AWOL but 'with' rather than 'without') in Greece... he's back 8/6 so watch this space.

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