Thursday, 19 May 2011

Minor grip back

I walked down to the south-western extremity of the reserve this lunchtime, hoping to bag the Acros at Warren Villas NR. Sedge was available on arrival, the Cetti's was blasting away and I thought I could hear the slower-paced chuntering of a distant Reed, but couldn't be 100%, so it stays off for now.

Still, both Cetti's and Sedge were 'reserve ticks' for me. We move to 126.

1 comment:

  1. No surprises there (except that Reed hasn't already fallen back to the Raspberries!).

    Latest Moran vs Oakley-Martin 'challenge within a challenge' stats (Neil Calbrade's scores in brackets):

    Year -
    Moran 118 (114); Oakley-Martin 106

    Life -
    Moran 137 (121); Oakley-Martin 133