Thursday, 19 May 2011

Moth-tastic sans trap

You don't need a moth-trap to get a shedload of species at this time of year. Didn't make it to the lakes today, but walked along the thin strip of BTO land that goes alongside the R Thet. A good selection of moths, mostly common and expected stuff but several new for the year - always nice to see Nemophora degeerella, Micropterix calthella and the tiny Glyphipterix simpliciella, but I don't see so many Adela croesella or A rufimitrella so these were particularly pleasing. Other newbies were Grapholita jungiella, Udea olivalis, Anthophila fabriciana and Dingy Shell, but pick of the bunch was my first Endothenia nigricostana, which appears to be the 4th Norfolk record since 2000, according to the mighty Norfolk Moths website. A couple of Coleophora also require further attention...

Non-leps were represented by Water Forget-me-not and Dock Bug, plus a Melangyna hoverfly that may be barbifrons, although needs more careful checking still.

Birds - what are they?

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