Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Great Argus

No, not the pheasant, but nice to see the first Brown Argus butterflies on the wing this lunchtime, as well as Common Blue and Small Copper. The Large Red Damselflies have now been joined by Common Blue Damsels, and a selection of new plants appearing included Goatsbeard, Tall Rocket {not Flixweed as initially recorded}, Hedge Mustard, Houndstongue, Meadow Foxtail and White Campion. Nothing new on the bird front, although a Common Sandpiper was heard, along with Cuckoo and Swift.


  1. Also Lesser Whitethroat singing in the place you said they would, Andy (blackthorn clump by Shadwells fence)!

  2. And further work at home on this lunchtime's findings has produced Ox-eye Daisy, Winter-cress, Cotton Thistle, the tortrix moth Syndemis musculana, the micro-moth Micropterix mansuetella and the flies Cheilosia illustrata and Euleia heraclei. Not a bad tally.