Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dragon, fish

A lunchtime site visit to discuss possible ways to improve the wader habitat on the Lakes reserve in the long term (no good for the BT Challenge, sadly) saw a group of us on the reserve today. The extra eyes produced a couple of (unLodgeable) goodies: Hairy Dragonfly and Brown Trout (the latter nearly causing king-fisher Rob Fuller to fall in, he was so excited!). On the bird front, the Nightingale was still singing strongly and a Hobby was hawking (Hairy Dragonflies?!) overhead, whilst elsewhere on the reserve Neil Calbrade photographed a late Wheatear - which if the date is anything to go by, could/should be a candidate for a Greenland (not that I expect we'll ever know for sure). Not a bad lunchtime's work, all in all.

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