Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Notice how I celebrate the following without resorting to a foul-mouthed tirade...

Willow Warbler - John Marchant and I had 2 singing on the reserve this lunchtime: 107

Sedge Warbler - Simon Gillings found one on the reserve this lunchtime: 108

Redstart - I got that sinking feeling when I saw Darren's post yesterday but then by some small miracle, I managed to be looking on to Barnhamcross Common from the reserve this lunchtime just at the moment that a smart male Redstart flicked up into an elder bush! And I even had my 'scope with me (though no camera, as is always the way when there's something half-decent!). First for Norfolk this year? Either way, get in! 109

Edit: John Marchant and Richard Thewlis were able to relocate the Redstart after work; Richard even had time to commit it to his notebook in fine style!


  1. I am well and truly gutted... SW won't be a doddle for us either.

  2. Nice blog!

  3. What a wonderful sketch!

    I so wish I could draw - my notebook is just a prosaic series of site and species names, numbers, behavioural and weather notes and field descriptions.

    Still, I guess that's a bit better than some photographers who take a shot, then post the image on BirdForum for an 'expert' to identify...

  4. Everyone has to start somewhere, Darren ;)

    Not that I've got anything against BF but personally I'm going through a 'bigging up iSpot' phase: www.ispot.org.uk