Thursday, 14 April 2011

114 on the 14th

Our Firecrest here at BTO gave most of us the runaround yesterday too, only being seen by Neil Calbrade and Nick Moran; despite five more of us all being there within minutes.  So it was good to see something new today - we have forged ahead again with a male Yellow Wagtail heading north at 13.25 hrs, over the mound between Lakes D and E (Andy Musgrove, Richard Thewlis).  Unfortunately it didn't stop but carried on north.  It's surprising RSPB haven't had Yellow Wag already, guess it's only a matter of time; we just have to press on and find the next bird!  114.

1 comment:

  1. No Yellow Wagtail yet, but I have just been out for my 'fresh air' break (I've been a nicotine-free zone for five weeks now!) and had two House Martins north...112 now, following our scrubbed Woodlark.