Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Haircuts and home dinners

Whilst White Nuns stalwarts Richard 'The Ears' Thewlis and Neil 'Red Star' Calbrade were otherwise engaged this lunchtime (see title), I took the opportunity to have the Lakes to myself. I was hoping to ease the pain of the predictable wader-gripping soon to be forthcoming from The Long-range Lodgers (Ruff and Spotshank on Derek White's Eggs Pits today; no prizes for guessing what's next on their list!) with Red Star's Garden Warbler (which duly obliged). A 2cy male Wheatear and a pair of Shelduck were both 'nice'; neither are predictable on the reserve but somehow they didn't quite do it for me, both being safely OTL already. Then the real jewel in the crown appeared: a cracking male Whinchat! 118

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