Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I don't suppose we can count....

Gazing out of my window, looking for inspiration on the question of waterbird estimates, my attention was drawn to a corvid mobbing a raptor but disappearing behind some trees. With baited breath I waited for it to emerge - it did.... it was a Buteo .... it had a pale uppertail.... but then it became clear it was far too short-winged for a Rough-legged, and also very pale on the under-carpals. Darn, it's the resident Thetford forest Red-tailed Hawk come to mock us on our year-listing efforts. This goes on Category E (along with Muscovy Duck), to be saved up and used in the case of a draw at the end of the year.

Back to work...

1 comment:

  1. In a word Andy, no! And where does it say in the rules that in the event of a draw, Cat. E's decide the winner?

    Anyway, we've got Chinese Goose and Indian Peafowl...oh, and we scored Yellowhammer as well this afternoon, which gives us a three tick day. Did you manage to tick anything today that wasn't plastic? Come to think of it, when was your last tick? ;-)