Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Derek's kicking off...

Derek White's (huntin', shootin', killin') GP still looks great but sadly, still just as far away from the Lodge. 'Scoping from the plateau revealed some waders - two Redshank and two Dunlin. The latter being new for the challenge. Still waiting for the Oycs though.

Also a Little Egret fly by but nothing among the Greylags today - PF and WF around locally. At the weekend, a Bittern was seen at Warren Villas but that is goning to be hard to find through the pines.


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  1. Redshank AND Dunlin?! Gripping stuff indeed (both are rare at the Nunnery Lakes due to severe shortage of suitable habitat). Oyc should be easy enough though (I predict one before the end of the month)... and we have another shoo-in wader up our sleeves ;-)