Thursday, 3 February 2011

Can I have a P. please, Bob?

Actually that should read "Can I have a P. please, Chris?" as BTO Reserve Manager Chris Gregory has come up trumps again, this time with 2 Grey Partridge (BTO 2-letter code = P.) heard calling from farmland adjacent to the reserve at dusk today.

Grey Partridge is still reasonably well distributed in the Brecks, albeit at low density... and our neighbouring estate managers swear blind that they don't stock 'English partridge'! Had we had to wait until autumn (I saw 39 !! the day before a big shoot in early October last year) this might have been a dodgy tick but a pair in late winter/early spring is as good as they come!

That pushes the list to 'two fat ladies' - if I'm still allowed to use that bingo call?! - and makes up for me wasting the best part of two hours failing to relocate the 'interesting' white-faced redpoll with clean UTCs that I found yesterday ;-)

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