Monday, 28 February 2011

Another wader slips on

Two Oystercatchers clearly visible from the Plateau at The Lodge. The above shot digiscoped with the mighty power of my Swarovski! Below you can see where Derek's Whites Eggs Pit is as viewed from our spot on the Plateau (its the watery streak in the middle-distance).

Ringed Plover, LRP, and Common Sand will surely be next...


  1. Next you'll be telling us you've scoped Rustic Bunting ;)

    Btw still no Dunlin on your list...

  2. You just need to find a similar vantage point in Norfolk Nick... Oh hold on...

  3. Look at the bottom of our list for Dunlin.

    No further sign of that bloomin' Rustic Bunting either. Shame. Still the 1000 Corn Buntings it was with was pretty stonking! Which reminds me - must have a look for those from the Lodge...

  4. Hard luck about the Rustic Steve - must have been gutting! Still, you'll appreciate it was a classic moment when we told you about it during the meeting at the Nunnery.