Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thank heavens for little galls...

Additions to the list are getting a bit harder to come by now - where have all the insects gone? Still, there are new things to be found and I've turned up a few galls this week, including Aceria fraxinivora (ash), Jaapiella veronicae (speedwell), Dasineura ulmaria (meadowsweet), Dasineura auritae (sallow), Puccinia urticata (nettle) and Taphrina alni (alder). A few more leaf-mines knocked off the target list too, including a rather belated appearance by the usually easy Stigmella aurella (bramble) plus Caloptilia stigmatella (sallow), Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella (birch) and Liriomyza amoena (elder). We've (well, Dawn mainly) also photographed lots of fungi but are still looking for names for most of them - will cover these in a future post. My favourite addition of the week though was this cool looking harvestman doing the splits, which Mike Toms has kindly identified for me as Dicranopalpus ramosus. Looking at the distribution maps, it might even be a new one for Norfolk (I bet it isn't though...)

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  1. Update - the harvestman wasn't new to Norfolk, but it was the first West Norfolk (vice-county 28) record.