Friday, 23 September 2011

Brick by brick

More autumnal goodies in the moth trap this morning, including several Sallows, 2 Brindled Greens, a Black Rustic and TEAL ticks in the form of Blair's Shoulder-knot and Brick.

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  1. And another two moths to add to those. Walking at the Nunnery Lakes this lunchtime, I found a wasp in the process of dismembering a Vapourer moth, which we don't seem to have on the list (I think I saw one a few weeks ago but must have forgotten to write it down). Additionally, I noticed the pyralid moth Eudonia angustea on the wall of the Nunnery this morning, and this also seems to be new.

    Better than some dirty-headed seagull any day, surely?!