Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dot Month

It pains me to say this but its finally happened - an entire month has gone by without the addition of a single species for the BirdTrack Challenge. Whilst The Lodgers have been 'employing' an ever-increasing range of tactics (unseen toilet waders, plastic parakeets, nefarious non-staff Nightjars and the like) to keep their list ticking over, the White Nuns might as well be renamed the White Nones (or something ruder), for all that our own efforts of intense craptor* watching and wader habitat creation have yielded.

Still, light easterlies and scattered cloud today... surely there must be something better than the 5 Buzzards and single Sparrowhawk that we managed at coffee time?

*craptor = Corvid, Grey Heron, large gull, distant Woodpigeon... ie pretty much anything that momentarily fools you into thinking you're on to something interesting

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