Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Twenty-Eleven All-taxa Listing

With the BTO confirmed as winners of the bird contest, we can now announce the scores in the TEAL Cup:
BTO 1738

RSPB 2025

Despite a slow start, it seems that the RSPB took the lead at the end of June, reaching 2000 species at the start of December. Thanks to all the local naturalists who helped us out, especially those who attended the Lodge 50th anniversary recording day. Adding in all their records takes The Lodge year list to 2101, which feels like quite an achievement. 769 of these were new to the site, and the Lodge list now stands at 4035.

I think my personal highlight is a big yellow slug, but there were lots of colourful, grotesque, rare, wacky, cute, new, or otherwise exciting things for us all.

Atlantoraphidia maculicollis new to The Lodge and to us in 2011.


  1. Well done The Lodgers - a great achievement.

    We were also pleased with our total (which was 1,801 including commonly-recorded species aggregates such as Grey/Dark Dagger Acronicta tridens/psi), particularly considering our far smaller recording area and pool of professional entomologists / bryologists / mycologists (and, for that matter, staff in general)!!

    We too are very grateful to the several local naturalists mucked in on more than one occasion.

    Shame we weren't able to keep the TEAL lists updated - we were under the impression we had a c100 species lead through into November - but I guess that's the nature of the beast(s), and at least it ensured we didn't give up in June!

  2. As Nick points out, the graph shows the date when the thing was found at the site, not when it was identified and entered as a record. It does not reflect our knowledge at the time: we too thought were were always at least a hundred behind until almost the end.

    Unfortunately, I did not keep a note of when records were entered. If I had done, I think it would have shown the BTO in the lead up to November, and then a big surge from the RSPB as we hurried to name specimens and enter records we had collected earlier in the year.

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