Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The (all-important) result is in!

Its official: BTO staff are best when it comes to "looking out for birds"!!

(though we'll soon have equally 'official' confirmation that our RSPB counterparts are better placed to be "nature's voice", once our inferior all-taxa list has been tidied up and revealed)

Anyway, the final BirdTrack Challenge 2011 score:

BTO: 143 species
RSPB: 140 species

(with apologies to Dave Leech, who was hoping for a 4-species win so that he could use "For birds, for people, four behind BTO")

2011 was a roller-coaster year, and generally great fun for everyone involved. I say 'generally' as I do recall the occasional incident of wailing and teeth-gnashing at The Nunnery, as those blasted Derek White's Eggs Pits additions hit the blog last spring. To show just how close it was, and how many twists and turns there were along the way, here are the comparative species accumulations:

A huge thanks to everyone who got involved and added their records to BirdTrack last year, and long may it continue!

More on that other, less-important, aspect of the competition in due course...

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