Monday, 22 August 2011

Not one, but tew-tew-tew

After seeing a Greenshank on Derek's last night and knowing I didn't have time to race up to The Lodge to get it on the list, I decided to try early this morning.  Luckily the light was good, and there was virtually no horrible heat haze.

The Lapwings were easily visible on the tiny muddy edge, and the Little Egrets stood out a mile (literally).  All of a sudden a Greenshank ran along past one of the Lapwings - bingo!  OTL.  Not one we expected to get back now that Derek's was virtually full with water again and you could only see a fraction of what we could in spring.  In the end there were two Greenshanks, and they made sure they weren't going to get mis-id'd as Greater Yellowlegs by having a little fly around together too.  Very satisfying.

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