Sunday, 7 August 2011

Almost a ladybird

We'd already got quite a few proper ladybirds on the list for the year, but this False Ladybird Endomychus coccineus was a new one for me, found by my son Duncan yesterday as he was clambering around in a tree. I obviously spend far too much time on the ground. This was one of many additions yesterday, when we were joined by Nick Gibbons and Tony Leech, amongst others - thanks very much for their help. Amongst the other species recorded were the grasses Bearded Fescue, Rat's-tail Fescue, Purple-stem Cat's-tail, Smaller Cat's-tail, Crested Hair-grass and Dense Silky-bent, Burnet Saxifrage, Lesser Pond Sedge, Prickly Sedge, Pale Persicaria, Scented Mayweed, Musk Mallow, Silverleaf Fungus, Blackfoot Polypore, Cinnamon Bracket (a good one, apparently!) and The Blusher. Oh, and a belated entry by Bank Vole, courtesy of a small mammal trapping course being held at the Nunnery! The White Nuns pass the 1,400 mark...

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