Saturday, 23 July 2011

Week round-up.

Bit tied up with work this week, but the arrival of the weekend has given me the chance to check some of my photos from the week, mostly from a walk along the riverbank on Monday lunchtime. A closer look at one of our very few Wych Elms revealed the presence of two new leaf-mining moths (Phyllonorycter schrebella and Stigmella leminscella) and the gall of the aphid Tetraneura ulmi. The other new leaf-mine of the day was of the fly Agromyza alnivora on the alders. Nearby, the hoverfly Myathropa florea was netted from a thistle head. The other additions on Monday were all plants: Wood Dock, Water Figwort and Fen Bedstraw. In addition, I peered closely at the path outside the Nunnery and found what appears to be one of the pearlwort (Sagina) species, although now having done my homework I clearly need to go back to it next week for a closer look to clinch which one (or two) it is.

The only notable birds I recorded at work this week were a few Crossbills heard flying past the window, and a Hobby over the river, neither new for our list unfortunately. However, further close inspection of the thistle flowers on Friday produced the bee-mimicking hoverfly Eristalis intricarius (below).

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