Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Brown and green

Two days, two year ticks. Unfortunately neither of them seen by me.

The first was a Nightjar seen on the new heath briefly on Sunday evening by Graham Wilton-Jones. A few of us gathered at dusk hopeful of hearing a churring bird, but the heath was unfortunately silent.

The second was a Ring-necked Parakeet that zipped over the same area on Monday morning, seen by Andy Schofield.

The bird list moves up to 130.


  1. My email to fellow White Nuns when Steve mentioned to me that there were not one but TWO new birds in the offing for The Lodgers: "See below from Steve Blain - TWO new birds... nightmare! Only hope they're obvious grip-backs e.g. Stonechat, Yellow-legged Gull, and not ones that we'll struggle with."

    Nightjar and Ring-necked Parakeet?! Not a chance. Gutted.

  2. Ahhh - it turns out that both birds are 'Subject to acceptance'. Would love to know how you prove beyond reasonable doubt that a Ring-necked Parakeet in Beds is a genuine Category C bird and not a local escapee (as 2 of the afore-mentioned White Nuns immediately exclaimed!)... Cockney accent?? Time will tell ;)

  3. Ah, but I've just been informed that Nightjar is not a description species in Bedfordshire. When Steve told me he required descriptions for ‘’both’’ would be required, I thought he meant ‘’descriptions would be required for both Nightjar and RNP!’’ not that descriptions would be required for ''both of the RNPs'' we happened to be discussing at the time!