Wednesday, 29 June 2011


944.  That's our TEAL score up until yesterday.  It would appear that the Nuns have a huge advantage in that they have more than just sand for soil, thus our plant diversity is low in comparison.  Oh, and they also have a huge lake too - that helps a little bit as well.

Was this ever a fair fight?  We'll see at the end of the year...


  1. I wondered the exact same thing as all those records of Long Range Plovers and the like flooded in from DWs Egg Pits earlier in the year, Steve ;)

  2. Yes, we are lucky to be a botanically rich area. Shame I don't know what most of them are... I suspect we're walking past about 50 more grasses and 20 more sedges every time we go down the lakes.

    Southern and Brown Hawkers added this lunch time before the rain. And some more miners...