Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pochard at last

Gull and waterfowl numbers are creeping up and with them came a long-awaited personal Lakes year tick today (courtesy of Neil): a female Pochard. That takes me to 127 for the year but how are Neil and Darren getting on (and anyone else who is keeping their own score)?

My Nunnery Lakes species accumulation in 2011
(BirdTrack Explore My Records facility)


  1. I'm on 124, which isn't bad considering that is 96% of my entire Lakes total!

  2. A poor year for me, having pretty much missed out on Spring and Autumn migration - 113 of 138 recorded in total at The Lodge this year (82%). You win the prize Nick!

  3. There's still time. OK, maybe only for Neil!

    My 127 is 90% of the 2011 Lakes list / 91% of my Lakes life list (140)... of the species I've missed this year, 9 would've been Lakes ticks (including 4 whilst I was away for a week on Fair Isle in Oct... that'll teach me!)